We are the first Employer branding agency in Baltics offering the whole scope of Employer Branding service and the only one having “Employer Branding International” License.

We believe

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Employer value proposition can attract talent, but it is not enough as it will not help affect the behaviour of the employees according to the organization’s brand identity.

Companies still think that employer branding is resposability of HR or marketing, or communication staff, but not all of them. Global practise shows that business must bring HR, marketing and communication competencies together into employer branding creation and strategic management.

Only those professionals working together can attract, retain and motivate employees who could add value to the company and would be able to deliver on the company`s brand promise. That`s why our team is managed by partners of HR, marketing, communication and business strategy fields.

Work process

Employer Branding

Audit & Analysis

4-8 weeks

Employer brand strategy model

6-10 weeks

EB strategy integration

3-6 weeks

Measurement of results

2-5 weeks



“In today’s highly transparent workplace, nothing excites candidates and employees about working for a company than to know its values, culture and mission are aligned with theirs. That’s why you should prioritize investments in your company’s employer branding efforts to attract the employees needed to drive growth.”.

Randstad, 2018


“...the challenges and opportunities faced by chief human resources officers increasingly parallel those facing chief marketing officers.”

The Economist Future of HR Report


Employer value proposition can attract talent, but it is not enough as it will not help affect the behaviour of the employees according to the organization's brand identity.


Without employer branding business aren`t able to deliver brand promise.


Employer Branding is the understanding of behavior, culture, relationships between employees and organization.


Marketing and business innovation company in India was searching for talents with killer instinct. Why?? Not because of the culture in the company, but because they were selling innovations for business and just talents with killer instinct could sell it!

Our team

Indrė Baltušė

Strategist & Co-Founder

Strategist of brands and organization identity, marketing communication for 14 years. Co-founder and owner at branding agency IMAGINE and digital solutions agency NEW CODE.

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Laura Astrauskienė

Strategist & Co-Founder

Works with organisation development, employer branding, corporate marketing and communication. Has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and market research as well as people development issues within organizations she worked in.

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Aistė Jakimavičiūtė - Bikauskė

Visual Strategist

Currently the creative director of Imagine branding agency and a consultant for visual identity development. She studied design in Lithuania and Finland, obtained a Master’s degree in Educology, and is interested in research on creativity and purposefulness, organizing and managing the creative process.

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